Authenticity & Quality Control

Our promise

The Revoir Collection will never sacrifice the authenticity or quality of secondhand designer and luxury clothes, shoes and bags. You will always receive a premium product, in many cases, like new.

Every piece must satisfy our stringent quality standards and comply with our criteria:

  • Great brands – All items must be only from top high-end designer and luxury brands. Check our accepted designers list – if you are unsure, do not hesitate to contact us
  • Great condition – All items must be clean and in good to as new condition
  • Honestly described – The item's condition must be accurately described and photographed
  • Authentic – The item must be authentic. No fakes or counterfeit goods will ever be accepted or sold
Our process

We have a multi-step process to ensure quality and authenticity. We support this with a 100% quality and authenticity money back guarantee.

1. Designer check – Items are initially checked to see that they meet our designer guidelines. If they fall outside the guidelines, they will not be accepted.

2. Initial quality scan – Items that are not Good, Very good, Excellent or As New will not be accepted. Clothing items that do not have original tags or a dry cleaning tag are sent for dry cleaning and charged back to sellers.

3. Detailed quality scan – Each item is checked thoroughly using a multi-point checklist - e.g. exterior, interior, lining, sole, straps, buckles. Any wear or defects are noted and photographed so the buyer is fully aware before purchase.

4. Authenticity checking and escalation – An internal authentication team undertakes the final checks, and it is then always run past an external authentication provider. When there is any doubt, a particularly high value item or an at risk item, a manufacturer check is undertaken.

Only when an item passes all four quality and authenticity stages, will it be listed for sale. If the item fails the authenticity check and is found to be a fake, the seller will be contacted. Unless there is alternative proof of authenticity the item will be destroyed.

You can trust that you are shopping in a safe environment free of fakes, misrepresentation or poor quality.

Recent rejections

Whether it is due to condition or authenticity, our inspection team has to reject products every day in accordance to our policy of high quality and 0 tolerance against counterfeiting. 

Here are some recent products that were rejected due to these reasons: