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  • How To Sell

    Do you have an item in your wardrobe that fits with Revoir? Don’t let it languish on its hanger!

    Take advantage of either our Consignment Service or Priority Sale Service by going on our Sell page to order of a free consignment kit straight to your address.

    You can also request an estimate first if you wish.

    The process is effortless. You don’t need to do anything. We will take care of:

    • Photos of your item
    • Writing a description
    • Packaging
    • Shipping costs
    • Pricing your item
    • Dealing with Buyers
    • Any hassles

    Our designer and quality guidelines for acceptance for Consignment or Priority Sale Service are below.

    Quality Guidelines
  • As New – Never worn and in absolutely immaculate condition. Still has the tag or is in the original shoe box/bag.
  • Excellent– Never worn or worn once and looks perfect. Does not have tag or the original box.
  • Very good– Rarely worn and looked after with great care. On close inspection may find minor sign of use such as a snag on clothing or light wear on the soles of shoes.
  • Good– Gently worn and signs of use do not detract from the overall appeal of the item. There may be a small mark, creasing of leather or heavier wear on soles of shoes.
    • We do not sell any item that is incomplete or with broken parts.

      Designer Guidelines

      We only sell select designer brands. Check that your for sale items are on the accepted designer list.

      Priority Sale Guidelines

      The Priority Sale service allows a seller to receive cash from eligible items within 2-3 business days of the item passing eligibility and quality inspections. For Priority Sale service, we currently only accept:

      • Luxury Brands Shoes and Handbags
      • Excellent or As New Condition

      Acceptance of an item for Priority Sale is purely at the discretion of Revoir on a case-by-case basis. If the items are deemed ineligible for Priority Sale, then you have the option to list them for sale on consignment or to have them returned.

      Items you cannot sell on Revoir
      • Items with defects, flaws or damage – We only accept items in Good to As New condition. We won't accept items that have more than light wear.
      • Fake or non-authentic items – We have no tolerance for fakes and we work with manufacturers and professional authenticators to ensure any fakes are identified and destroyed.
      • Items outside our designer and style guidelines – We only stock items from a selected range of designers and luxury brands.

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