Our Commission

At the time of sale you receive 80% of the listing price less a $50 handling fee per item

We offer a high quality service to attract premium buyers. Our commission covers all the services required to get a great price for your items in the quickest possible time.

You do not need to suggest a price - we will use our market knowledge, pricing database and proprietary algorithms to suggest the right market price.

We will confirm the listing price with you prior to listing the item for sale.

Our commission covers:

  • Photography, product descriptions, site posting and marketing strategy
  • Marketing of the product and site so you get the highest visibility with premium buyers
  • Premium shipping and tracking
  • High quality packaging
  • Quality and authenticity checking
  • Customer support and buyer queries
  • Payment security and certainty

Consignment Commission: At the time of sale we subtract 20% of listing price + a $50 handling fee per item

For example, if your item sells for $1000, you receive $750 - that is 80% of $1000 then less $50