Revoir reveals the new art of layering this winter

Revoir reveals the new art of layering this winter

How to layer your look in 6 easy steps


 Layering the winter by Revoir



When it comes to winter layering, style and simplicity are never far apart.

Winter is a great time to invest in versatile and adaptable pieces in soft, breathable fabrics. You need insulation for warmth underneath, and high-quality, resilient outerwear pieces to protect you from the elements.


We were inspired by Mercedez Benz Fashion Week in Sydney last week, especially with the bold use of colour and texture we saw throughout the trans-seasonal collections on the runway. So, instead of getting lost in a sea of black, navy and grey this winter, we’re ready to embrace a pop of colour into our winter wardrobe to keep our look individual, distinctive and fresh this season.


There’s a serious methodology to the new art of layering. But there’s no need to panic. Follow the steps below to build your personalised, polished and effortless and layered look this winter.



How to layer your winter look in 6 easy steps


1. Build your base

Start with a basic, lightweight top. This can be anything from a fitted tee, button down shirt to a merino wool polo neck - but make sure it’s lightweight, breathable and fits your frame without being baggy. Stick with solid, neutral or stripes as a colour palette.  Add your favourite pair of skinny leg jeans or a good quality pair of opaque tights. You now have your base.


2. Second layer to soften

Layering in winter is all about embracing beautiful soft fabrics that make you look and feel cosy without bulking or adding extra weight to your silhouette. For your second layer, add a soft cardigan, sweater or a knit. Stick with the same colour palette or use this layer to add a pop of colour to give your outfit some depth and contrast. Your hero pieces this winter really will be your knitwear; whether it’s pure cashmere to blends of wool, mohair, silk and alpaca. The focus is on touch, texture and effortless style. A look we’re loving this winter is an oversized cashmere cardigan paired with a tucked in button down white shirt and skinny jeans.


3. Add your outerwear

Now comes the time to protect yourself from the elements. Continue to layer your look with a jacket, coat or poncho or, as we’re seeing on the high street this season, a soft cotton cape. Stick to a basic colour for your jackets and coats- black, grey, olive, navy, camel. The part to get right at this step is your proportions. Longer coats are for longer hemlines, and if you’re going for sheer tights or exposed knees above your boots, opt for a jacket that sits just below your butt. If it’s not quite coat weather but you want to add some volume to your look, throw on an over scaled, cable knit to finish.


4. Don’t forget your feet!

One of the best things about heading into winter is the chance to put on your favourite pair of boots. This season continues from the previous winter and we’re seeing a lot of ankle and knee high boots with a round toe. Throw some glorious knitted socks on over your tights and pair with black, tall boots with a stacked heel. All of a sudden your footwear has elevated your look from simple layers to super polished.


5. Amplify your layers with a scarf

Who can resist a scarf in the cooler months? Whether it’s for added warmth, a contrast of texture or a pop of colour to brighten up the winter hues, a scarf is your ultimate winter, and layering, accessory. The bigger the scarf, the better for wrapping, so opt for a long rectangular or oversized square shape. Tassels, fringes and lace can cheapen your look, so try to stay away from these unnecessary details. Lastly, for a scarf you'll wear season after season, invest in silk or cashmere for long-lasting quality and warmth.


Amplify your layers with a scarf


6. Contrast your handbag

It’s natural to reach for black, grey and navy in winter and there’s nothing wrong with this. But if you want to elevate your style to something more eye catching, mix it up with a splash of colour and texture by adding a contrasting handbag. Bags no longer need to match your shoes, and we’re seeing many embellished, quirky, bold designs that add colour and texture to your layered look this season. A contrasting handbag is the cherry on top, a creative way to inject your individual style into any winter outfit.


 BOTTEGA VENETA  Powder blue woven duffle bag LOUIS VUITTON  Trouville boston multicolour monogram handbag PRADA  Red saffiano tote bag 

Over to you…

What’s your secret to layering in winter? And how do you personalise your look with pops of colour or texture?

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


xx Claire