What in the world are you wearing?

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn” – Orson Wells


REVOIR BLOG - What in the world are you wearing?


No matter where you go in the world, fashion varies slightly. Even here in Australia, fashion changes from city to city – all black is a Melbourne staple, sky high stilettos abound in Sydney, and Queensland’s beach lifestyle infiltrates much of the state’s clothing choices. Around the world, things get even more interesting, and here are Revoir’s favourite international fashion statements!



What started from local teens integrating traditional Japanese dress into their wardrobes is now an international fashion phenomenon. The mixing and matching of clashing styles is what underpins the style, from punk with schoolgirl, and modern with old. What we love most about Harajuku style is that you can do whatever you want, as long as your outfit is an expression of your individuality – and isn’t that exactly what fashion should be about?


AJE Catara Sequin mini skirt

AJE Catara Sequin Mini Skirt


Elements of cowboy and cowgirl fashion are still frequently seen in Texas, although usually now it’s more regularly seen in the country than the bigger cities. Regardless, we love this look – and it’s one that still filters back into mainstream fashion on a fairly regular basis. Cowboy boots, hats, and a great pair of Wranglers can be found in many wardrobes outside of the South, and that’s a pretty big nod to a trend with staying power!


Zadig & Voltaire Teddy bicolour ankle boots ZADIG & VOLTAIRE  Teddy bicolour ankle boots


Of course we had to mention the city that is largely heralded as the home of fashion! Unlike our other two top picks, the obvious element to traditional Parisian style is that it’s not obvious at all. Never will you see a French woman wearing something that is too tight, too short, or shoes that are too high to walk in. The French also love neutral tones, which purely by nature tend to be easier to mix and match, and they invest in staples rather than throwing cash at fast fashion. One of the many reasons that designer fashion is such a firm favourite!


Hermes Palefroi Silk Scarf

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