What does Revoir do?

"Crying is for plain women. Pretty women go shopping" - Oscar Wilde


We said hello in the last post – but what does Revoir do? Well, we are a marketplace to help sellers and buyers of high end pre-loved fashion in Australia. We enable you to buy second hand high end fashion items with security, confidence and great service. We also help you sell your high end fashion items with minimum hassle and for a great price.

Revoir offers a premium shopping experience for those who understand that high quality can last forever. We offer a new way of discovering authentic fashion, for style conscious people, who are mindful of minimising their impact on the planet. We embrace the shift away from negative perceptions of ‘second hand’ in favour of the concept of giving style a second life.

How do we do it?

For buyers, our online catalogue is a carefully curated collection of both internationally and domestically sourced pieces. It comprises of only the highest quality, authentic, second hand, high-end apparel. Each item is a one-off and in some cases a rare timepiece that is no longer in retail production. Most importantly, every item is 100% real. We will never deal with low-cost representations of high-end brands. We keep all our items in stock so you can have confidence in delivery times. We ensure that all items are delivered in high quality packaging with the shipping and returns service you would expect of a premium retailer.

For sellers, we offer a hassle free selling experience. You do not need to take product photos, there are no product descriptions for you to write, no pricing to estimate, no need for you to find packaging or pay for postage, no dealing with buyers and no hassles. A selling experience that also gives you the option of a guaranteed sale for eligible products within 24 hours of product inspection.

High-end fashion serves to inspire and deserves to be cherished. It should be worn with confidence and pride. Revoir believes you deserve a safe shopping environment, free from counterfeit and poor quality items.

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