Style: It’s most definitely personal

“Create your own style let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others” – Anna Wintour


As the inspirational Ms. Anna Wintour says, your style is unique. Fashion and style are two very different things - Fashion is a constant evolution of trends, but your own person style is just that – personal.


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Your own style is a way of expression in so many different ways, so figure out what it is you want to say and start saying it!

If you’re not sure where to start, the Revoir team has a few ideas to help you along



Finding inspiration to create your own style can come from anywhere. Of course, celebrities are often go-to guides for what’s hot, but sometimes their looks aren’t always achievable. It’s best to look further than those mainstream sources, such as media and magazines. Fashion bloggers, Pinterest and Instagram are among the best ways to seek creativity and diversity.  Make it your mission to take note of any looks or stand out fashion pieces that take your interest and work your way from there.


Don’t be afraid to mix it up

Trial and error is the key to finding success – and fashion is no different! Trying all kinds of looks will eventually point you into the right direction of what works best for you. It’s one thing to trust your instincts, but it’s also important not to rule out any styles until you’ve given it a red-hot go. Turn what you may initially perceive as a stage of experimentation into a fun and enjoyable experience that may result in a personal style you didn’t see coming!


Expensive taste doesn’t always have to mean expensive clothes

If you strongly suspect that your personal style involves coveted designer brands, don’t worry, it doesn’t always have to cost you an arm and leg! Your solution points straight towards pre-loved high-end fashion. Once you start, you may just be tempted to continue with the high-end style that you never knew you were longing for. It’s easier than you think to find stand out designer pieces, even for under $70.

Michael Kors Black and white cashmere jumper 


Michael Kors Black and white cashmere jumperMichael Kors Black and white cashmere jumperMichael Kors Black and white cashmere jumper


If you haven’t found your personal style, don’t panic!

It’s perfectly normal to struggle a little when finding your own unique style. Take your time and don’t stress yourself if you’re still on the hunt for inspiration. If you enjoy jumping from one look to another then this is what your personal style could very well embody. Fashion changes every season, so there’s no reason your personal style can’t do exactly the same!