Secrets of the stylish: how to dress well, every day

‘Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess’ – Edna Woolman Chase


Style is never accidental. That well-dressed colleague who always hits the mark with her outfit? She didn’t wake up late and throw together pieces from her floordrobe. Instead, she looks chic because she’s mastered these stylish habits – and now you can too.


REVOIR - Stylish women with hat


Plan ahead

If you can, plan your entire outfit the night before and check every piece is in good condition. There’s little point planning to wear that Hermes jumper if it’s wrinkled at the bottom of your laundry! Not only will you be more conscious of what you put together, but your mornings will run smoother – meaning you’ll channel effortless chic instead of frazzled.


Dress for the occasion

Stylish women never look out of place. If it’s cold, they have a jacket; if it’s casual, they’re not wearing sky-high stilettos. Part of this is intuition, but most of it is research. Ensure you have a working knowledge of dress codes and check the weather forecast when you’re planning outfits. If you’re really in doubt then remember Karl Lagerfield’s little gem: ‘one is never overdressed or underdressed with a little black dress’.


Style is in the details

If you’re clueless about how to dress, you can’t walk into Sass & Bide with a credit card and walk out suddenly stylish. That’s because it’s not just about the clothes – style transcends fashion and involves everything from head to toe. Little things such as the right handbag or the perfect manicure can have a big effect. Even bad posture can undermine an otherwise faultless ensemble, so remember to think about more than just your clothes!


Have a go-to

People aren’t perfect – and that includes the super stylish. Maybe you’ve had a late night and didn’t plan your outfit or you were in a rush to pack for a work trip. Whatever the situation, always try to have a ‘go-to’ outfit that you know you look great in, is versatile, put-together and stays in your closet for emergencies. It’s also great for times when you’re feeling indecisive about what to wear.


Stay timeless and true

Being stylish is a timeless and deeply personal affair. Style is as much about flattering your figure as it is about being on-trend. Off-the-sleeve tops might be in fashion – but do they work with your body shape or with other pieces you own? Do they speak to your sense of style? If the answer is no to any of these, then wait to buy a piece that’s right for you. Never purchase something simply because it’s fashionable if it’s not you because it will be unlikely to see the light of day!