Patience is a virtue

“Glamour never takes a day off” – Iman


In today’s world of fast fashion and instant everything, waiting is not something that many people are used to, let alone something that people like. Not waiting is what defines how important you are in many ways – being able to skip a queue, not having to make a dinner reservation at a packed restaurant – not waiting has become a sign of influence in many ways. Not, however, when it comes to fashion, where waiting is often a sign of just how fabulous something is.


REVOIR BLOG - Patience is a virtue


We have all heard of the legendary wait list for the very few Birkins produced, but there’s even a wait to get on the waiting list, as it’s open to only a select few people, and that makes the wait list even longer again. This works on the simple premise that many of us want what other people want, but when it comes to fashion, that desire tends to be coupled with the fact that the real reason there’s a wait list is because the pieces are not mass produced, are of a very high quality, and can’t be thrown together in a matter of days.


But it’s not just a price tag that influences a wait list – and this year’s Mansur Gavriel bucket bag frenzy is evidence of that. Coming in at around $600 compared to a lazy $8,000 for a Birkin, Mansur Gavriel has created what is considered an affordable ‘it’ bag. The signature bucket bag sold out everywhere it was stocked when it was launched two years ago, making it a cult item and garnering it an enviable wait list – including more than 60,000 attempts to purchase the bag online through resellers (some of which have the bag listed for at least double the original retail price.)


Other notables include a wait list of up to 8 years for a classic Chanel flap bag, and if you can believe it, there’s even a 2,000 person waitlist for athleisure wear – namely ADAY’s Throw and Roll leggings. It seems that if you want to be truly fashionable, then patience really is a virtue!


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Hermes Birkin handbag in tan (40cm) Hermes Birkin handbag in tan (40cm)