How to donate clothing this winter and make a difference

What and where to donate your clothes to support women in need


REVOIR BLOG - Donate your clothes


We’re all about recycling pre-loved fashion at Revoir. We take great pride in offering a buy and sell platform for designer labels. But what about all the items of unwanted clothing that are perfectly wearable but not quite a designer investment? This week’s blog focuses on how to donate your unwanted clothes so they make the biggest impact for women who need them most.  

Winter is one of the hardest times of the year for many Australians who are struggling, disadvantaged or homeless. The good news is there are many charities and not-for-profits providing relief for people in need. Donating your old clothes is a great opportunity to clean out and declutter your wardrobe and a perfect way to recycle clothes.

Revoir aligns with two great charities; Fitted for Work and The Salvation Army.

When we receive clothes and handbags that do not meet our listing criteria, we offer to send them directly to the most suitable charity rather than returning to sender. This service is provided free of charge to our clients; a small gesture to encourage quality unwanted items to be recycled, rather than returning them to languish in wardrobes or be thrown away. 

The number one rule for all clothing donations is to ensure you are donating wearable, good quality, clean items. Torn, ripped, stained, soiled clothing with broken buttons and missing zippers are not suitable to recycle. If they are unwearable, don’t donate them at all and instead recycle into rags for your home. 

Fast fashion has meant more and more people are donating each year to charities, but the reality is most of these items go to waste and cost volunteer organisations time and money sorting the good from the bad. It’s a great reminder that we should invest in higher quality, classic styles when buying our own clothes. This way, we’re more likely to donate in the years to come, lessening the impact on the environment, saving money in the long run and reducing the overall impact of fast fashion on society. 


REVOIR BLOG - Donate your winter clothes


Four fabulous charities to donate your unwanted clothes this winter

Fitted for Work –

Operating in Melbourne and Sydney, Fitted for Work is ‘the first Australian organisation of its kind dedicated to helping women experiencing disadvantage get into work and keep it.’ One of the free services that Fitted for Work provides is a complete personal outfitting and interview preparation service. In order to keep this service running, the charity accepts clothing donations in the form of well-made, classic, work-appropriate clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories. The aim is to dress women in an entire outfit that is professional and suitable for job interviews; giving women confidence and hope when they are returning to the workforce. A similar charity, Dress for Success operates in Brisbane.

ClothesLine is a Sydney based, not-for-profit which provides good quality clothing and essential items to the homeless and disadvantaged. With recent statistics stating there are approximately 100,000 homeless people in Australia with unemployment on the rise, ClothesLine endeavours to provide a free service with the help of its partners and volunteers. You can donate your good quality clothing, blankets, towels and toiletries. To make things extra convenient, a ClothesLine volunteer will collect clothing items directly from your home if you live in the Sydney metropolitan area.


The Salvation Army –

Very few of us wouldn’t be familiar with The Salvation Army. The Salvos help more than one million disadvantaged Australians each year without discrimination. They   provide support, help and resources to those who are homeless, escaping violence, suffering mental illness, trapped in addiction or anyone affected by disasters or financial troubles. You can make a monetary donation, take part in fundraisers or give back to those in need by dropping off your quality, clean, unwanted clothing to one of their many stores in each capital city and rural locations.


Uplift Project –

For women in disadvantaged communities, a bra is often unaffordable or unobtainable. The Uplift Project collects new and second-hand bras and sends them to women in need across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South East Asia. The Uplift Project aims to give women the common dignity of wearing a bra for work, social and health reasons. All shapes and sizes are needed, including maternity and mastectomy bras. You can drop off your bras to one of their local premises or simply send in the post to your nearest collection point. To top it off, The Uplift Project sends all donated bras in biodegradable packaging and aims not to compete with local businesses.

There you have it! Four great charities working to alleviate suffering for disadvantaged women by providing access to clean, good quality items of clothing. Why not take some time this weekend to clean out your closet and give a little back to those in need. Your wardrobe will be clutter free and you’ll feel great for doing it. Let us know how you go!


Over to you…

What are your favourite charities and do you have any tips for donating unwanted or used clothing?

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


Xx Claire