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  • History repeating

    Posted on 20 December 2016

    “Elegance is not about standing out, but being remembered” – Georgio Armani


    REVOIR BLOG - History Repeating


    What goes around comes around and there are fashion trends that certainly suit that mantra. REVOIR is built solely on the market for pre-loved designer fashion, and the enduring love of vintage designer wear is also a testament to the eternal appeal of some fashion trends. Here are a few of our favourite recycled styles!


    Ripped jeans

    For those of old enough to remember being fashionable in the 80s, ripped jeans were a true sign that you were on trend. Parents everywhere despaired at being forbidden from patching disheveled clothing, and the cool kids rocked this phenomenon of a look. It then became totally uncool and everyone threw their torn jeans out – which the regretted instantly when super distressed denim roared back into fashion earlier this year.


    Off the shoulder

    We also have the 80s to thank for the off the shoulder trend that’s back in style just in time for summer. From tops to dresses, off the shoulder lets you show some skin without baring legs or cleavage – and has the added bonus of no accessories required!


    Acne Studios Turquoise summer dressAcne Studios Turquoise summer dress

    The 90s

    The whole decade of the 90s bore witness to a fashion movement of youthful vitality, from grunge to midriff baring tops to slip dresses – all of which have made a comeback in various forms this year. With the warm weather hitting around the southern hemisphere, crop tops are back with a vengeance and we have the 90s to thank for that! (Don’t forget to add a choker for a TOTAL nod to the 90s!)


    Nicholas Diamond lace black one-shoulder topNicholas Diamond lace black one-shoulder top


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