Hermes - The Real Deal

"My mind is like visiting the Hermes factory. Shit is real" - Kanye West


Ah Hermes, what a brand to start with. Hermes has built a mystique and exclusivity that is the envy of other brands in the fashion world. It has everything – stratospheric prices, long wait list, iconic products, and a brilliant shopping experience that is tightly controlled end to end. Not for them is product displayed alongside competitors in multi-brand outlet shops (be very wary when you see “new” Hermes product in a shop alongside other brands – most likely it is not real!). There are simply so many iconic Items – the scarf, the Birkin, the Kelly. We have selected a range of their bags and accessories – hard to get normally but we spent time with major dealers and auction houses in France to bring these to you.

Visit our collection of preloved Hermes bags and accessories.

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