Green is the new black

Green is the new black: Why sustainable fashion should be at the top of your 2017 resolutions.

We’ve all joined a gym at the start of a new year. Trying to summon up the strength to commit to the “New year, New you!” phrase that you tell yourself as a mantra whilst you drag your butt to the gym.


Three months down the track and you’re back to your old ways, spending little time at the gym and more time socialising. Meanwhile, you’re paying off a 12 month membership with resentment over the promise you made to yourself over a few too many champagnes at a NYE party.

I’ll put my hand up first to admit that this is the real me. An over-committer of unrealistic resolution goals I force on myself.

Considering that only 8% of people will actually stick to their resolutions, why shouldn’t we opt for something we can commit to?


Buying Second-Hand is sustainable fashion

Style and quality are timeless and high-end fashion is made with love and built to last.

So why not make it your resolution for 2017 to buy your favourite handbags or clothes second-hand?


Here are 5 reasons why making the switch to sustainable fashion for 2017 should be at the top of your resolutions list:


1. Not only does it cost less to purchase second-hand fashion, but it is better for the environment when there are less designer pieces ending up in landfill.

2. It gives pre-loved designer pieces a second chance at being eternally stylish and you get to embrace your inner fashionista.

3. If changing your spending habits was one of your intentions this year, buying second- hand is a resolution that won’t break the bank.

4. Second-hand fashion choices can be found locally, so you’re reducing the carbon footprint left through transport.

5. You’ll find a range of styles that can help you experiment with your wardrobe and styling essentials. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love the thrill of the hunt?

    So, where to from here?

    How about considering purchasing brands that are manufactured locally in ethical conditions? Some of our very own Australian Fashion labels are accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia, which means that their supply chains protect the rights of Australian workers. So not only are you fulfilling your resolutions for the year, but you're ensuring that Australian workers are receiving their legal entitlements under law.


    Check out Revoir for a wide range of pre-loved designer goods to get started on the new you!




    Some designer brands in stock who are accredited with ECA are: Carla Zampatti, Ginger & Smart, Manning Cartel and Scanlan and Theodore.