Conscious Fashion

"The difference between style and fashion is quality" - Giorgio Armani


Those in the fashion-know have been op-shopping and clothes swapping for years. With a greater movement towards ethical fashion, conscious shopping – including a wider embracing of pre-loved attire - is on the rise.


Moving away from disposable fashion and shopping for investment pieces that stand the test of time is an easy first step into sustainability. But if that brand new couture dress is slightly out of your reach once all your bills are paid, what’s a designer-loving girl to do? Buy it second hand, of course!


Second hand is most definitely not second best when we’re talking a never-worn Zimmermann dress with the tag still on or a barely used Hermes bag that costs a fraction of the original price but still looks and feels just as good.

For the uninitiated, buying pre-loved fashion can require some savvy-shopping skills, so keep these tips in mind when hunting for second-time-around designer goods:


Only buy from a reputable source 

There are many sources online that claim to sell designer goods at very, very low prices. But, just like most things in life - if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. When looking for pre-loved designer, only shop through reputable sources that guarantee authenticity or your money back.


Know what you’re paying for

Most of us have had the less than amazing experience of purchasing what we believed to be an ‘excellent condition’ second hand item, only to have it arrive looking ready to fall apart. When shopping online, look for clear images that show the piece from several angles, as well as descriptions that clearly communicate the level of wear on an item. 


Authenticate bag

Be realistic

Even if what you’re buying is second hand, the price tag associated with high quality, barely used, and often quite rare designer items may still be much higher than purchasing most new fast fashion. The reality of second hand purchases is also just that – the goods are second hand. Be realistic that some level of wear may be evident, despite the high price tag.

 Quality Shoes


Shopping pre-loved fashion is one of the best ways to minimize your ecological footprint without giving up your love of shopping – or designer goods. So not only will you feel fabulous about your new designer purchase, you can also feel great about doing your bit for the planet too.

The REVOIR promise

At Revoir you will always receive a premium product, in many cases, like new. Revoir will never compromise on the authenticity or quality of second hand high-end style. Every piece must satisfy Revoir’s stringent quality standards and comply with our criteria:
  • Great Designer: All items must be only from top high-end designer brands.
  • Great Condition: All items must be clean and in good, if not great condition.
  • Honestly Described: The item's condition must be accurately described and photographed.
  • Authentic: The item must be authentic. No fakes or counterfeit goods will ever be accepted or sold.



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