Common fashion faux pas – and how to avoid them

" I think the greatest fashion faux pas is looking in the mirror and seeing someone else" – Iris Apfel


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Fashion can be risky, but there’s a clear difference between pushing boundaries and committing a fashion faux pas. Want to experiment with a double denim outfit you know will slay? Go for it, girl! Wearing jeans that are so tight they give you a muffin top? That’s more in the territory of tacky.

Here are Revoir’s pick of the top three fashion crimes that could be cramping your style – and how to avoid them.


What’s underneath matters

Whether it’s a pencil skirt with panty lines, or a visible (and hot pink) bra strap, underwear can make or break the best of outfits. Unless your underwear is a statement piece of your ensemble – it shouldn’t be seen. Wear a plunge bra if your top is low cut. Don’t wear black underwear with white pants. Don’t wear a g-string that sits higher than your jeans...You get the idea. To consign this fashion mistake to the past, invest in a few pairs of seamless underwear and convertible bras in black and skin-tone. Too easy! If you do have a bra that’s too beautiful to keep hidden, pair it with a fabulous blazer, Susan Sarandon style.


Ellery Black panel tie up jacket   Ellery Black panel tie up jacket


Wearing items that don’t fit

This may sound like common sense, but if it doesn’t fit properly, then don’t wear it yet. Whether it’s too tight, accidentally oversized, or fits your hips but not your thighs – it’s likely to result in an unflattering silhouette. Choose fabrics and shapes that flatter your size, and don’t be scared of less fitted items like a flowing dress which can show off your best assets without clinging to every inch of you. Always try before you buy, or make sure there’s a good returns policy for online shopping. Sizing practices often differ between brands so it’s also always wise to check the measurements to ensure it’s true to size. And if it just needs a few little changes to fit perfectly, it’s always worth the cost of a tailor!


Alice + Olivia Autumn silk dressAlice + Olivia Autumn silk dress

Faking it

There’s nothing worse than someone decked out in designer labels when it’s obvious they’re knock-offs. Not only does it support a criminal practice that undermines the creative fashion industry… but unless you’re making bank, people will find it hard to believe you bought that Birkin anyway! If new designer pieces are out of your price range, then browse for second-hand or vintage items instead. Like this Zimmermann dress that’s never been worn!


Zimmermann Empire Suede silk dress Zimmermann Empire Suede silk dress