Colour me happy

“The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.” – Coco Chanel


REVOIR - Colour me happy


Black may be a fashion staple, but adding a pop of colour to your wardrobe is a beautiful thing. There’s something about wearing colour that can brighten your whole day - and set you apart from the fashion pack. Think about what you see on celebrity studded red carpets – it’s never a sea of black. Colour comes out to play in a big way when celebs dress to impress, and it’s a lesson that we can all learn.

Wearing colour isn’t necessarily easy, and we’re not suggesting you should just throw on whatever colour is trending – but you should learn how to add it to your fashion repertoire. Here are the Revoir team’s top tips on how to wear colour:



Start with accessories.

Throw a coloured bag over your shoulder if you’re rocking an all black ensemble, or experiment with bold jewellery. Not only will you brighten your outfit, but accessories are key to bringing an outfit together. This Shirley Monogram clutch from LV is a great first introduction to colour.


Louis Vuitton Shirley Monogram ClutchLouis Vuitton Shirley monogram clutch


Face the colour.

And we mean literally. Hold colours against your face to see what makes you glow, and what leaves you looking less than your best. Go with the colours that make your eyes light up and avoid the ones that don’t – you can’t force yourself to look good in a colour, no matter how much you may want to! Scanlan & Theodore’s beautiful plum top makes a great pop of colour with an otherwise understated outfit.


Scanlan & Theodore Plum front topScanlan & Theodore Plum front top


Make your own rules.

Remember being told that you can’t wear clashing colours? WRONG     ! Pair orange and pink, or blue with green – be daring with colour, and your sartorial choices will be admired. Celebrate colour with style, with Ginger & Smart’s gorgeous Night Garden jumpsuit.

Ginger and Smart Night Garden silk jumpsuitGinger and Smart Night Garden silk jumpsuit