Bulgari Serpenti Forever

“I used to get so excited, I would jump on top of him and practically make love to him in Bulgari,” - Elizabeth Taylor 

You don’t like snakes and still you can’t stop thinking about the Serpenti Bag from Bulgari? You must wonder, why a snake? 

The story of the Serpenti bag starts in both Greek and Roman mythology, where snakes were the emblem of rebirth, strength, eternity and seductiveness thanks to their elegant, smooth and sinuous bodies. Even Plato once said that the image of a snake eating its tail (called 'Ouroboros') is the image of everlasting life. That is the reason why Bulgari chose to name this gorgeous bag 'Serpenti Forever' and to make the mosaic Serpenti head a symbol for its brand.
And at Revoir, we also believe in elegance and rebirth for products. They don’t have to end up forgotten in a closet, they can find new homes and start new lives with other wonderful women!

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