How to spot a fake bag


Let’s assume you made some money over the Christmas period and you want to buy yourself a new handbag or a luxury designer item that you’ve had your eye on for a long time.

 You may go into a department store like David Jones, or even a boutique designer store. On the other hand, in a bid to save money you might even consider shopping around at an online discount store or places like eBay and Gumtree.

The problem is - How do you know if it’s a fake or the real deal?

The truth is, counterfeiters are becoming quite savvy and trawling the internet for discounter designer goods is becoming a gamble.


Read our tips on how to embrace your inner Sherlock Holmes and spot the fakes.


As a general rule of thumb, follow these 6 simple steps when you’re on the hunt for a designer handbag


1. The Initial Check

Brand name, Logo, etc. Are they written correctly? This goes for spelling mistakes and overall brand design of the writing and/or logo.


2. Quality of the Material

Is it real leather or plastic? Smell it if you have to… and FYI Chanel usually use a very soft lambskin leather thats very hard to fake.


3. The Quality of the Stitching

Are the stitches small, regular and accurate? Stitching leather is hard and expensive, and the more high-end the product, the smaller and stronger the stitch. For Chanel bags, they should also always be aligned wherever there is a joint, so don’t be afraid to pick up the bag and check that the stitching of each joint is perfectly lined up with the next part of the bag.


4. The “made in” country

Is it made in the same country it is meant to be made? Make sure that each ‘made in’ stamp is consistent throughout the bag. Take it one step further and even google where the bag you are interested in was supposed to be made in to ensure that it is the real deal and not a replica.


5. Brand Specifics

Do you know your product and its signature traits? Know what makes your brand unique, right down to the stitching. Eg. Louis Vuitton should never have upside down prints on their products when there is a joint – And if you’ve opted to go for a full leather bag, the stitching in the lining should be the same colour as the bag.


6. Is it too good to be true?

Do you know who you’re buying from? Aside from large department stores and boutiques themselves, put your investigative skills to good use when hunting for a designer bargain. Do some online research and authenticate them. Not sure how? Be wary of fake reviews, read their ‘about’ section and make sure they’re reputable. If you’re still not comfortable, ask if you can get some extra, close-up shots of the bag so you can try and authenticate it yourself.



At REVOIR, we do the work for you. Each product goes through a multi-step authentication process, making sure that you end up with only high-end designer products. That is our 100% quality and authenticity guarantee.



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