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  • What to wear to the Australian Open

    Posted on 18 January 2017

    What to wear to the Australian Open:
    How to turn up the heat on the Melbourne fashion scene


    What to wear to the Australian Open
    The Australian Open is a longstanding Tennis Championship that attracts global champions, fans and an array of celebrities. If you fit into any of those categories, you’re gonna want to see what we’ve picked out as the fashion essentials for 2017…
    Here is what we’ve put together for some style inspiration for you:


    The Do’s and Don’ts for the Australian Open:

    Do: Dress for comfort

    You’re going to be doing a lot of spectating. And if you’re not familiar with this - it means you’re going to be in a stadium chair with limited movement.

    Think: Flowy summer dresses and open-toe sandals.


    Do: Wear a Hat 

    Open Air stadiums, thousands of spectators and hot summer air - You’ll thank us later when you’ll be the envy of everyone else who neglected their slip, slop, slap.

    Think: European vacay inspired panama’s or a super cute sun visor.


    Do: Bring a bag

    Put away the clutches and be sensible with this one. You’re going to need sunscreen, make-up, sunglasses, water and any other essential you can stuff in your bag for whole day event.

    Think: A large tote, satchel or medium sized backpack.


    SASS & BIDE  Washed demin boyfriend jeansLOUIS VUITTON  Neverfull mm monogramMISSONI  Florentine espadrilles



    Don’t: Wear your shortest skirt or denim cut-offs. 

    There’s a chance you’ll make it onto the TV and I doubt you want your five seconds of fame to be a line of sight to remember.


    Don’t: Wear oversized anything

    Be considerate of the people behind you, the last thing you want is to block their view because you wanted to flash your fancy new accessory (this includes hats!)


    Don’t: Wear Heels

    Unless you’ve mastered the art of walking through the stadium chair gaps, without having to apologise to a few who copped the grunt of your heel - this is a big no.


    In short, have fun. Soak up the hot Australian summer air and embrace the atmosphere, you deserve it!
    Check out our range of styles and take advantage of our express shipping options when choosing what to wear to the Australian Open.


    THAKOON ADDITION  Backless flared petal dressLOUIS VUITTON  Bastia pink sneakersCHLOE  Honey beige leather tote

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