Ready. Set. Shop.

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress. Dress impeccably and they remember the woman” - Coco Chanel


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The fashion frenzy that is the Melbourne Cup is already beginning, and planning the perfect outfit for the day is no mean feat. Everything from the whether you’ll spend the day on grass or a solid floor to the actual weather comes into play. Luckily for you, the Revoir team is expert at pulling together fail-safe outfit options for classy occasions – and we’ve even summarized the key fashion rules that apply to any fashion-loving race goer…


  1. Keep it classy. Racing is steeped in tradition, and whilst we may not be adhering to rules as strict as Royal Ascot, a level of decorum is still required. Leave your skin-tight, nightclub-worthy dresses at home and opt for daytime elegance instead.


  1. Start with the dress. The best dress for the Cup is one that you’re likely to wear again. That also makes a possibly quite expensive purchase less of a guilt trip and more of an investment. It’s also much easier to find a headpiece to match your dress than the other way around!


  1. You can leave your hat on. Speaking of, a headpiece is a must and should work with your overall outfit, not be a flamboyant add-on. Consider others as well as yourself when choosing your headwear. Enormous hats may be great trackside, but if you’re in a tightly packed restaurant, your giant statement may not win you many fans.


  1.  You can leave your shoes on, too. There is nothing worse than seeing a stream of women leaving the races with their shoes in hand. Choose footwear that you know will stay on your feet, all day. When it comes to your shoes – or any of your accessories for that matter - don’t feel you need to stray down the matchy-matchy path, either. Each element of your outfit should most definitely complement the other, but that can be via a colour of your hat featuring in the print of your shoes. The hat matches the handbag matches the shoes days are gone – but the days of keeping your look as a complete outfit are not!